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Forever Jacob: Project New Hope
Story Synopsis

His name is Jacob. He is a first generation mechanical being with a problem. Actually, he has a monumental problem. And it’s not the fact that all of his requests to be upgraded to a second generation or even a third generation have been rejected by his mom, Grace. Having to live life encased in a first generation body is nothing compared to what is occurring outside his window. Once a subtle distraction in the sky, what remains of the moon is now practically an arm’s reach away. When it finally makes contact with the Earth, everything beneath its unequivocal might will vanish—including his kind.

Jacob must find a way to extend his time on Earth. Unlike the Mayor, he sees potential left on Earth and thinks he can bring his kind back from the brink of extinction. His solution is equally as unorthodox as it is impossible. Simply put, Jacob wants to reverse the cycle of evolution, in order for evolution to repeat itself. Recreate the ones who created his kind—humans. If humans created his kind at one time, they must have the potential to create them again. The only problem is, Jacob has never even seen a human. In fact, “human” is not even a word that he can locate his hard-drive.

Can Jacob use his most significant feature harboured deep within him to solve such a complex calculation? An entire race nearing the end of its evolution and an Earth ravished by its selflessness rest in the mechanical hands of a first generation—Jacob.

Her name is Eve. She is Earth’s final breath—the last human to walk the face of Earth. Perched on top of a mountain, she sees them approaching—mechanical beings. Thousands of them. Their collective mass strong enough to serrate the horizon. She knows what they want her to become—what their creator, her father, wants her to become. There is no escape. The mechanical beings have their primary orders to fulfill, and in this stage of their evolution, they never fail. Eve must now make the ultimate sacrifice. She was born from the Earth, but at this moment, Earth never looked so uninviting. Her decision will be her last. Will the final human in existence side with her father’s creations or will she let Earth reclaim her?

Either way, Eve’s future is directly linked to Jacob’s past.
Their stories will become one.

Forever Jacob
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